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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

One of the Worst MISTAKES the GLUTEN FREE Movement is Making

I'm so happy to see, yet again, that BIGGER and BIGGER corporations are jumping onto the Gluten free
Bandwagon and serving consumers like myself who are trying their best to live a Gluten FREE lifestyle.

Companies like General Mills are spending millions of good bucks to ensure that their
Cheerios cereals are 100% gluten free. Kudos! AND the Big BONUS is that they
NOT CHARGING EXTRA for the fact that they are making their products certified GLUTEN FREE.

But what disturbs me as a person, as a consumer and as a mother.....is this.
SOME companies are trying to flood the gluten free  market place with
  VERY HIGH PRICEDGOURMET gluten free items.

Eh.....err...that kinda just ticks me off! In my mind, if someone is going to "go gluten free", then they are going to have to adopt a lifestyle where  ALL their food items are certified gluten free.
 They DON'T want to just adopt ONE expensive gluten free DISH per month. 

News flash!....WE, the GLUTEN FREE NATION, eat THREE meals a day....plus snacks. Therefore, we need the marketplace to provide products for ALL OUR GLUTEN FREE MEALS and SNACK TIMES.

Therefore, i believe that the "gluten free high end high priced gourmet product" promoters
are taking the wrong tack on this movement!

As a gluten intolerant person, finding gluten free stuff to eat all day and every day is a CONSTANT struggle.
Therefore, when I bump into beautiful gluten free foods that are priced out of the stratosphere, I think
"Sigh....they just don't get it."  

NOBODY wants to pay GOURMET prices for the regular foods they eat every day. We want to pay as close as possible the SAME prices that regular foods cost, but in a "gluten free certified" kinda way.

Do you hear me? Do you feel my pain?

Thank you :) Point made.


If 30% of Cars will be Electric over the next Decade

Jus' thinkin' aloud again.....such a temptation for a blogger.

Volkswagon has announced that they are developing 30 NEW MODELS of 100% electric vehicles, to be rolled out over the next decade.
 What does this mean for us? What does this mean for investors?

First of all, what would this mean for our electrical grid. If, let's play pretend, that
30% of Canadian cars are electric by 2026, that would put a HUGE sucking on our hydro grid.
Would our grid be able to hold up? Would my province stop selling electricity to the USA in order to keep our electric cars humming? Or would the humble consumer be stuck with outrageously jacked up electricity prices? Would the 30% charge their cars mostly at their homes via their home garage outlets?
Would there be localized "electric refueling stations" around every corner?

I know that Suncor is already developing their next strategy in how they serve the public in the new era of
multi-fueled vehicles. Does every typical gas retailer really WANT to start selling electricity to locals or tourists? Secondly, from the looks of it, it can take a pretty long chunk of time to re-charge a car battery for an electric vehicle. Do we really want to leave our cars for several hours at a re-fueling station? Is that feasible?
Is that affordable? Will re-fuelling electric stations charge tourists for parking fees as well as the electricity they use to "refill" their tanks?

Well, when it comes to investing, should we all start funneling our investments out of oil and gas stocks and into the electrical grid? But then again, did you know that as of 2014 data,
  8.7% of Ontario's electricity was produced by Oil and Natural Gas?

So maybe we have to step back and try to get at the big picture. Going ALL ELECTRIC is not going to eliminate our dependence on oil and gas. It just will change the process.

I definitely don't have all the answers....but we sure do need to think this through.")

Peacefully and Thinkfully yours,

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

AirBnB and A Suitcase of Sardines

Tim Ferriss has catapulted himself into a "self help" or "success guru"
by taking his personality type and standardizing it into a career path.
He has outrageous curiosity and has allowed it to lead him to experiment with all kinds of
success and performance strategies.

He then writes about his real life experiments and discoveries in his book series with the titles:

Four Hour Work Week
Four Hour Body
Four Hour Chef

Although some of Tim's exploits are outside of my personal comfort zone, I do appreciate his chutzpah and that he has carved out a multi-million dollar niche for himself simply by what......by being himself.

What can each of us do to maximize our innate leanings? Curiosity does not kill the cat. Curiosity can make for a fine fat cat.
 Are you naturally detail oriented?Love to share your discoveries with those less adventurous?
Then you may naturally be drawn into writing online, making youtube videos and publishing a plethora of items describing how we can learn from your own exploits.

That is all it really takes to mold an online presence into something valuable :)

Peaceful prosperity,