Friday, August 7, 2015

Is Optimism ALWAYS the best thing to have???

I've been reading the book entitled "Warren Buffet Invests like a Girl.....and WHY You Should too"
written by Louann Lofton.

Within Chapter 2...... I found this quotable bite:

"While optimism in most parts of our lives is something to strive for, in investing it can poison your judgment and outlook." 

         (pg 22 last paragraph)

I just thought that sentence was a treasure I couldn't keep to myself.

It kinda sums up what I have found to be one of my own gender's downfalls on a regular basis. You see, many women have been socialized, raised up and reared to be smiling nurturing and order to be good moms and wives. However, if we are ever going to make head way as a gender in the capital markets of the globe, we are going to have to give ourselves permission to be ruthlessly honest and
cuttingly critical.

I'm not talking about being "mean" for the sake of just being a jerk. I'm more talking about being able to critically analyze investment vehicles with the same accuracy and demand for results that "men" typically command.

Men don't feel that same compulsion to wear an empathetic smile at all times, that many of us women have been raised to wear.

We  girls need to take the time and effort it takes to develop a seasoned and critical financial eye....being able to confidently analyze balance sheets and financial reports with panache and no undue levels of
compassion. Businesses are created to turn a profit, not to be a dumping ground for gullible investors.

So ladies, I just want to challenge myself and y'all as well, to develop the emotional integrity and knowledge base that we will need if we are going the bible describes "inherit the land" the world of capital markets and investing.

Don't feel like you must be perpetually encouraging all the time. Give yourself permission to
take a step back, do your due diligence and research, and when the situation calls for it, be able  and willing to publicly call a lemon of an investment, .....a really REALLY bad idea....without apologizing for being forthright and bold.

Have courage friends,

Peacefully productive,

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Your CHanging Brain

Had the privilege of viewing the quite short documentary filmhosted by David Suzuki of "The Nature of Things"
by CBC Learning
and it was quite an eyeopener.

The film discusses how scientists have now proven that our brain is even more adaptive
and capable of rehabilitation than modern man has ever thought possible.

According to the film,  "The BRAIN is Changing ALL the time
.... the challenge then is "to GUIDE the changes".

So this revelation backed up by case studies that are revealed in the film, shows us that our current state of mind is not a permanent state of being. Merely by "thinking" we can actually change our brains quite literally.
We can improve the conditions of our brain through various activities and exercises.

Our brains are very "plastic"....very moldable and subject to interventation and a limitless array of therapies that can help heal our brains when/if  it experiences some kind of disability or injury.

The film also explores how modern technology can assist blind people to "see" by feeding visual information through other senses, such as touch. Our brain's ability to receive sensory input from unorthodox sources and
re-assimilating it into our mental processes to produce higher coping and survival skills is astounding.

If you can get your hands on this very short documentary film, it is definitely worth the time it may take to source it.

This type of research encourages us all to continue to guide ourselves to exercise and challenge our mental capacities, and thus causing our brains to grow new connections and synapses. We can thus literally "change" our brains by using them in new ways.

Peacefully productive,

Thursday, July 23, 2015

More Precious than Gold

It is good when you know....finally really know that God Almighty has heard you.

It takes an unutterable sigh of relief to express that load that lifts from one's shoulders.

For striving is common...and so very easy.

Try , try .....try harder they seem to jabber at you in one way or another.
Maybe you should do this....maybe you should do that....

But wait....calm......breathe in ...breathe out.

God has promised to support and lead me personally with His Spirit. I don't need some guru.
Nor do I need some "yes person" who just blindly flails about with easy encouragement pointed at my soul.

There is nothing worse than unwise words of encouragement. Why? Because  a good friend knows when to really tell you off. A great friend knows when just a look of correction will help you understand that you need to change your path just a tad.

 A good friend is willing to lose your friendship for the sake of saving your soul.....because he/she refuses to tell you lies to flatter your ego.

A good friend knows when to say no, and when to tell you that you're feeling sorry for yourself.

When God gives you a good friend, treasure and protect that friendship as more precious than gold.



Friday, July 10, 2015

Let Your Goals Hem You In

It's summer time....woot woot.But when you find that the summer air and kids running hither and thither are just about to
send you off course......take time to review your written goals.
Allow your goals to hem you in.

Sometimes even the weather can easily besought us and get us off course.
Have your written list of goals ready and handy to access in a second's notice.
I know that some of you protect your written list of goals with ultra high security, because you feel that somehow if someone in your home would glance upon your list, that they would somehow be able to tamper with your dreams.

But don't be afraid. Be courageous. Make a plan, write down at least one specific life goal that you can work towards. Most humans have about three major goals. The rest will fall into alignment as long as your goals are pleasing to God. What do I mean by pleasing to God? I mean that your written goals must be in the direction of "good will unto mankind".

So, folks, enjoy the jubilant weather and put the sunroof up in your car and get down to the beach this weekend. And when you catch a quiet moment in the midst of your fun, grab that beautiful list and rehearse your plan.

Peaceful productivity,

Friday, July 3, 2015

Allow for Processing Time when you Dally in the Scriptures

Truth be told, this post might be just a little bit more comfortable for Christians to read than others, just because it's focus is about how we read the Scriptures.
If you're not sure what I mean by "Scriptures"....I mean the Holy Bible....such as that is known as, for the King James Version, the Amplified version or etc...

Many Christians spend time regularly in reading the bible, however, I wanted to talk today about what we do immediately following that time of bible reading. Do we cram our thoughts with yet another christian book or a recording of a preacher? Do we feel that we must utter words after a time of scripture reading?

I was pondering today that perhaps it makes more sense sometimes.....after you have spent a chunk of time reading the bible, that you allow yourself to float and ponder for a quiet period of time.

For example, let's say you spent 10 solid minutes reading the bible out loud. Well , what are you going to do immediately following that time? Are you going to talk AT God and tell him a whole flood of words? Or are you going to try to read someone else's interpretation of what you have just read in the bible?

Well, I am going to suggest that you allow God's Holy Spirit for a period of about maybe 20-30 minutes after bible reading to kind of "carry" you. Be still and very quiet....even if you start doing some basic task like
washing the dishes or clipping the hedges, or sweeping the floor. Stay quiet and allow that time you spent in His Word to sink in.

Try not to get too intense about it all. "Trying" in a really stressful way can actually kill the flow of the Holy Spirit in your day. Just stay peaceful and keep your heart in a "listening to God" kinda mode for that period of time immediately following reading the bible.

I have found it be most insist upon that "resting" period after allowing the Bible to carve out new paths in my brain.

Can ya'll relate to what I am telling you?

Wishing you peace and quiet rest,

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Don't Ever Underestimate What You Bring to the Table

My intention is to encourage you, my precious readers. It has come to my attention once again, thatthe "world" is full of folks who are full of.......themselves. This condition of pride and arrogance causes so much harm and is a quite serious threat to the self esteem and goal setting of many many really good people all across our beautiful globe.

All it takes is for someone to roll their eyes at something you do or something you have just created and bam, your self esteem and goal setting process are at risk. Sometimes it doesn't take more than one negative comment from a nosy neighbor to throw someone off their stated plan of achievement.

That is why it is soooooo very extremely important to be your own best cheerleader. It is vital that you protect that motivation that keeps you rolling steadily towards accomplishing your own set of written goals.

In case you are a new reader of my blog, permit me just to explain that I am a HUGE fan of empowering people to succeed by insisting that ALL of us WRITE down our own short list of life goals. It has been proven time and time again, that written goals are much much much more likely to reach achievement than those that simply remain in our imagination. So..... please do write down at least one of your most important goals and keep that goal in a place that you will remember. .....perhaps in your wallet, in your email
files, or written on your mirror in lip liner....whatever works. Just don't hide your list of goals in some obscure file in a forgotten drawer. You need to be able to find and read it out loud regularly. There are always going to arrive times in our lives when we need to remind ourselves what our goals are.                                   Keep your written goals handy for regular reminders.

Your determination to DO that which you have written on your list is a precious process. It is so precious that one actually has to protect that "goal setting " process. The reason for this, is that there are going to be many humans who won't align themselves into agreeing with your written goals. You need to avoid those humans like the plague.

FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS on your written goals. As stated in a previous post..... .............................FOCUS is the PERFECT HEDGE. ...................................................................Permitting yourself to stay focused on your written goals is going to be one of the absolute BEST gifts that you can give to yourself. Focus takes time and energy. It takes support.

It is my prayer that you will find the support that you need in order to accomplish the goals that please God on your list of written goals. And by saying "the goals that please God" I am not in any way suggesting that these goals need to be religious in nature. I am simply saying that if you want God's blessing on your goals, you are going to want to choose goals that are in alignment with the basic "good will towards mankind"(Luke 2:14b kjv) as the bible describes.

So as you carry on and perform the duties required to set your goals and plans into place, may the love of Jesus keep you calm and serene. Ignore the naysayers and negative thinkers. Walk slowly and confidently into the perfect will of God for your life.

Peacefully productive,

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Vertical Farms

Perhaps you're all are getting used to my random thoughts on a huge variety of non-related ideas. That is kinda how I roll....
On that note, the idea I was mind rolling today was due to a documentary film I watched the other day about
modern food production in the USA entitled "Ingredients--the local food movement takes root".

Basically the film was lamenting about how prime agricultural land is not valued as much as it should be and how some folks believe that human beings should build "up" and live in very tall sky-scraping apartment buildings and that would ensure that the areas that have been labeled as prime "farm land" would be protected from suburban sprawl.

But I find it strange and somewhat discomforting to consider the idea that humans "should" curb their ambitions for lifestyle to adapt to apartment style living. Why should the corn stalks get better real estate than we do???

And so on that thought....I was hypohesizing about how it would make more senste to me to figure out how to farm "up" with vertical farms than to force human beings to cram their lives into apartment buildings for the next millenium

Sooo....what then is a vertical farm....
Well, in my imagination it would be a manner in which crops can be grown in layers using the same square footage that would under "traditional" farm methods would only grown one crop per season....but under this new "vertical farm" idea would be able to produce up to 10 crops or more using the same square footage.

So what would it look like? Well, it might involve sharing sunlight by using mirrors to reflect sunlight from the upper layers of crops to the lower layers. Or it would involve hanging types of steel grids in layers
in order to rotate each crop's exposure to the necessary amounts of sunlight and rain/irrigation.

Or....we could get old school and think of an idea that has already gained some traction in the last few years and that is the modern invention of "pocket gardens" such as those
feature by the company "Woolly Pockets"....check out some of their inspiring videos of their products at  .

So just to sum up my rambling....let's just say that we don't have to consider
traditional horizontal farming as the way of the future. We can be much more creative and inventive in figuring out how to maximize food production by growing crops vertically instead of taking up yet even more acreage. We can "grow up" not "out".
I'd love to hear your thoughts on these ideas.
Perhaps some of you have already tried to grow some veggies in a "Woolly Pocket" or other vertical growing apparatus.  Blurt some alphabets friends, ....this blog's for you.

Peacefully productive,
Carla Omoruyi